Friday, May 8, 2015

Landscaping Lights

I vowed to stop buying solar lights, first they are not cheap, second they don't last more than 2 years and third, the give off like no light.
I knew I wanted to put landscape lights around the front of the house. It gets so dark in our little court yard.
I bought this kit by Malibu from Home Depot for $119. It's a really good deal, it come with 6 lights, the wire and a transformer. 4 of the 6 lights cost $25 a piece so right there is almost the cost of the kit. Not to mention the wire is not cheap, like 50 bucks for 100 feet.
The Transformer that came in the kit - its not as fancy as the one you can buy as a stand alone, but its still has a photo lite sensor but the stand along model has a sensor that picks up the light so you can mount the box inside.
This is the easiest project, I was done in less than 30 minutes and had to keep a toddler entertained. I didn't have to bury the wires as we're filling the front with 2 inches of rocks so that obviously saved time.
The only "wiring" you have to do it is to screw the two pre cut ends into the transformer box, so simple!
There is no cutting wire, no wire nuts, just little clips that you push into the wire. I first put the lights where I wanted them, than ran the wire, the last thing I did was close the clips and done! That fast!
I'll post before and after picture but tonight it's pouring rain.
Don't mind by half painted front door, or empty pots - we're working on that.  But the lights look nice, you can make this this tall or half the height, I think the height makes them stand out nicely.
So I was not 100% sold on the front door color, thinking maybe a lighter color to make it pop, but all of the neighbors were telling me how much they liked the color and I already had the paint so we'll try it this year.    At this point I'm going to keep the sidelights white so next year if I want to change the door color is a quick fix! 

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