Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Master Bath: Part 1

Welcome to my master bath, it's straight out of the 70's - note the openness of the sink to the bedroom- why that was ever popular is so beyond me.  The bath has one sink and no master tub, but out of the three properties I've owned this is the biggest square footage wise, so no complaints!  I'll keep dreaming for that soaker tub next time around...

So being a foreclosure every was just kina gross, shower was no exception, it had a plastic pan and cheap white tile on the shower walls and floor.  I ended up having the whole bathroom demoed by the tile guys, and I think it was something that was worth it!

So when I started, there was a door to the shower/toilet room, and the vanity was open to the bedroom and closet with carpet. Again - carpet in bathroom?  Why?

Professional gut job, I ended up using two of the Baster dumpster bags from Home Depot.  They worked really well, and held quite a lot.  My only complaint was that there was like maybe a $20.00 savings to pick up two at the same time from the same place.  I would of though the discount would of been greater.

At this time I decide to remove the door going into the shower area, and put a real door (well pocket door) into the bathroom. 

I used 24 x 12 tiles from Home Depot on the floors (of all 3 bathrooms) and the shower walls.  They had a linen pattern but I like that they were neutral and cheap, at less than $2.00 a square foot.
(It was in stock at the time, but I don't believe its still carried at Home Depot anymore, but similar to this
I knew I wanted some type of an accent tile, but if you've ever shopped for accent tiles, or tile in general, its crazy expensive.  I couldn't find anything I liked at Home Depot, and ended up at the Tile Shop.  I got lucky and this Glass Brick was like 60% that week and I picked it up for about $8.00 a sheet. 

I had the time run to the ceiling in the shower, and the accent tile laid vertical for a waterfall look. They ended up using about 7 sheets so for less than $60.00 it added a lot of value.

I also had two shower shelves built into the side, as I can not stand shampoo bottles on the floor or those hanging racks.

 I went with a light grout called Alabaster, I believe it was the brand that was sold at Lowes.

After the finished tile:  I think this was the first project that was "done" but it was one of the only projects I had paid to have completed, so I always appreciated that I didn't have to lay tile.

That's the master closet to the right, that was smaller than the last house :( but I'm really happy how it came out using the Ikea Pax system....  more to come on that...

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