Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Welcome back!

It's been a busy year of renovations...(maybe more on that later)

But I'm back and ready to share my latest (and possible last) renovation.  This was quite the undertaking...way more trips to Home Depot to even count!  When the check out lady knows you, you know you hang out there too much.

I bought a foreclosed condo and completely gutted every room, there was literally not even a closet that stayed as is.  It was exhausting, emotional, frustrating, but so rewarding and something that was needed at the time in my life.

I'll start with the before, there was NOTHING worth saving....

I'll break down each room,  I haven't seen these pictures in almost a year, and WOW I forgot how far we had to come to get to where it's at today, I have to give so much of the credit to my uncle and my parents.  They signed up, mostly unknowingly, to take this journey with me.

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