Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cabinet Transformatins Begin - Step 1 Cabinet Prep

Yesterday was the estate sale at the new house we bought, as we were just about to leave I decided to wander into the garage, and I can across this missing kitchen cabinet.  I was so excited, it was the cabinet that use to be over the fridge that must of been removed at some point.  Well, I brought the cabinet home to try out my newly delivered Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit.

Here is the before cabinet, nothing special, just a pretty basic wood cabinet with panel doors.  At first I had thought the cabinets doors were all one solid piece but they it is actually a panel that fits into the door so I know at some point we will most likely redo the whole kitchen and open it up to the family room, but for right now my $500.00 budget makeover will do for a while.

So far my makeover total is at $107.00, which includes 2 transformation kits that were on sale and a new high quality  paint brush.

The first step was to remove all of the hardware.  The only wholes I had to patch were from the old handles.  I am going to go with knobs on the doors and pulls on the draws so my wholes are going to line up differently.

Next step is the de-glosser, this is pretty easy, just pour it onto the scrub pad provided and scrub with the grain of the wood.
It does not make a huge difference on this cabinet, my guess is most of the shine and finish has already worn off due to the age of the cabinets and the fact that this cabinet was sitting in the garage for maybe the last 15 years.

When I begin the full kitchen, the key is to number all of the doors so you know where they go back.  The kit suggest to draw out a picture of the kitchen and use the painters tape to number each door.

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