Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ellie's Bathroom

This one was rough... that's a lot of gold... and not in a good way.

Ellie's bedroom is awesome, in that she had her own bathroom, and its a pretty good sized bathroom for the overall size of the condo.  So this one was a decision to complete gut like the master, or give it a face lift.  I went with the facelift, and am really happy.

The before:

Horrible picture but was from the real estate listing.  Now, this I will NEVER understand.  Its hard to see but there are 2 doors in one bathroom...One entered from Ellie's room, clearly.  The other went into the master...but there is a master bath, so why?

I don't know either... So I took out the second door, because it seemed dumb.

So this was the extent of my demo, the vanity, as it was plastic, the toilet as it was gross and the floor as there was no coming back from that one.

While the tile guys were in the master, I had them lay the floor in the bathroom for a few hundred bucks, again, worth it!

You can kinda see the opening for the second mystery door.

Already so much better!

So I went with having the gold tile and tub reglazed.  It was in good shape, just a horrible color.  I have to say 18 months later still looks great, I think it was like $500 or so and totally worth it.

Now as I believe I mentioned before Ikea cabinets are not "bathroom rated" so I think it voids the warranty but they are great for the bathroom, and I'd totally do it again.

I would of loved that much counter space in my first master bathroom....

$24.99 Home Goods mirror...

The finished product! You'd have no idea the before and after are the same room, this bathroom totally did not need a full gut, but still looks brand new.

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