Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ellie's Bedroom

I just adore how Ellie's room turned out.  That side of the house is where we get most of the sun, so her room is always so bright and cheery.  I'd like to say this was just a paint and carpet job, but no...

The first two pictures are from the original real estate listing, I realized I missed a picture of her double doors.  So the original floor plan, had a set of double doors to enter this bedroom.

You can just see the door on the left of this picture.

They were on the list of things to go.  Two main reasons, 1. The double door opened right at the top step, and I just felt it was a total hazard. 2. I could not find a solid reason why it was needed, and took up precious wall space in Ellie's room.  I replaced all the doors in the house with this two panel door from Home Depot, so it was cheaper to put in a new pre hung door then to put in two doors. (Two panel, NO arch - I was very specific with what I liked)

The gross carpet came out, along with the window and door trim and the baseboards.  I also when with a light pink by Benjamin Moore, that I will link as soon as I find the can.  If I remember it had a really weird name.

I did the same carpet anywhere I put carpet (Stairs and both bedrooms) It has a slight pattern to it, I really like the look of it.  I got it from a local carpet shop.  I had seen it about 2 years earlier when I was in there for something else and had the sales guy write down the name, and I had it in my wallet for 2 years, so it was an easy selection.  I must say it has not held up from wear as well as I would of hoped, you can see high traffic areas slightly, considering it's less than two years old, but it does clean up really well, and it was pretty cheap, I want to say right about $2.00 a square foot, so I'll talk it.

Looking back at the pictures, I can't believe how small the bedroom looked, the fresh paint and carpet really opened up the room. 

I did keep some things from her old room, like the famed E.  However, I moved her to a big girl bed.  The headboard is actually my old king from Ballard Design.  I make a quick slip cover and turned a twin bed against it, and it was a perfect fit!

Here is a good picture of the new door.  It is a 36in door so a little larger than the rest of the doors in the house, but my only possible logical thought for the double door (beside the fact that the developer loved random doors) is that you may need the extra room to get furniture into the bedroom from the hallway. So just in case, I put in the larger door.

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