Friday, November 17, 2017

Finished Kitchen: Part 2

Finally, the finished project!  If you missed the first part, Kitchen: Part 1.  The change in the layout of the kitchen, makes the space seem almost unrecognizable. Kitchens are when you spend the most money in a remodel, as well as getting the most attention, and I'm so happy how it's all turned out.

Remember the before:

From the last post I got a few questions about why I left the soffits, well, that was not the original plan, I have a vision of 42in cabinets, along with then a built in fridge.  Sadly, after taking a sledge hammer to the soffits, we realized two thing. 1. the soffits were made of plywood, and 2. they were full of wires, that were sadly pulled very tight, so there wasn't any room to move them into the ceiling with out a lot of cutting.  So, they stayed...

As for the backsplash, I think I bought about 15 different samples, from marble, to hand painted porcelain, to glass.  I ended up on glass tiles from Mendards by Mohawk, they were 4 by 12 and I believe the color was Cloud.  I ended up with a very plan tile after the counters had so much pattern.

I'm so happy that I added the peninsula, not only did it add so much additional counter and cabinet space, the stools work so much better for us as opposed to a table.  

There was originally one pendant light that would be over where the kitchen table would be, we pigged backed off the one to add a second pendant light.  All the lighting is from Ray Electric.  I searched and searched the big box stores and could never find anything I liked.  I had this perception that the lighting stores were really expensive, but they were much more reasonable that I had expected, and plus being a member of the Michigan Interior Design Center, they honored that and gave me the designer discount.  My lighting splurge was the dining room light, (more to come) and I think the second most expensive fixtures were these two at just about $100 a piece.

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